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Types of Fire

Fire which is a natural substance is around six types. Various different types of extinguisher are require for extinguishing different fire types. Some major categories of fire types are:

  • Class A For ordinary combustible substances like plastic, paper, cloth and wood
  • Class B For flammable liquids like petroleum oil, gasoline and paints
  • Class C Specially for Fires that involve flammable gasses under pressure including all the liquefied gasses
  • Class D For various combustible metals like sodium aluminum, potassium and magnesium.   
  • Class E For electrical products related fire like short-circuit
  • Class K For fire related to greases & cooking oil like vegetable fats and animal fats

Quality Assurance

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, we make sure to undertake and accomplish all the projected task with result oriented solutions. Having large market base and healthy relation with eminent manufacturers, we have been able to deliver highly effective products such as Hand Gloves, Cotton Hand Gloves, Electrical Hand Gloves, Nitrile Coated Gloves, Industrial Rubber Gloves, Face Shields, Safety Net, Respirator, Mechanical Type Fire Extinguisher (Store Pressure Type), Water Co2 Type Fire Extinguisher, Co2 Type Fire Extinguisher with all Accessories and ABC Modular Type Capacity Complete with Stand to clients. Moreover, we have expertise in undertaking job works of Refiling and Maintenance of these aforesaid fire extinguishers. All these states our proficiency in giving 360 degree solutions in the context of fire safety products.

Product Range

  • DCP Type Fire Extinguisher
  • WCo2 Type Fire Extinguisher
  • Co2 Type Fire Extinguisher
  • Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher
  • ABC Type Fire Extinguisher
  • Safety Helmets
  • Hand Gloves
  • Electrical Hand Gloves

The detailed list of products is mentioned below:

  • Fire Fighting & Fire Protection Equipment
    • Stored Pressure (ABC Dry Chemical Powder) Type Fire Extinguisher
    • ABC Modular Type Capacity Complete with Stand
    • Dry Chemical Cartridge Type Fire Extinguisher
    • Higher Capacity Trolley Mounted Dry Chemical Cartridge Type Fire Extinguisher
    • Mechanical Type Fire Extinguisher (Store Pressure Type)
    • Water Co2 Type Fire Extinguisher
    • Co2 Type Fire Extinguisher with all Accessories

In addition, we also undertake job works of Refiling and  Fire Extinguishers Maintenance and AMC.

Our Team

In order to come up with optimized results in regard to stiff market challenges, we have recruited a team of talented employees. They are well versed in their respective filed of procurement, client servicing, accounts, etc., and make sure to accomplish all the given task in a coveted way. Furthermore, our team visits the manufacturing companies quite often to stay informed with their business policies. This helps them to churn productive and transparent dealings out of each meeting. Most importantly, we strongly encourage our team to attend various meetings and seminars relevant to the respective field, as it keeps them updated with the prevailing market trends.